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– workability of a good compact size, strength, pursuit !! lightness
for and construction fittings, mold hardware such as assembly, ideal for demolition work
best for attachment and detachment of the – Various industrial bolts and nuts
, press-fit strong durable to fold axis in the formula
-socket unit bolts and nuts of the corner of the damage difficult to original shape
Total length 88mm, compact type of depth 45mm
color and larger size display as can be seen in size in-glance
socket part, The shaft is plated to make it rust
-resistant and suitable for outdoor work. Compatible with 18V rechargeable impact wrench (14.4V is also supported)

2BNC700 Specifications
Used equipment electric drill
Width across flats (mm) 10/12/13/14/17/19/8
JAN code 4953488389609
accessories Hotei (BNRM7SP)
Weight (g) 598
This page is Compact Socket Set for Electric Drill, part number 2BNC700.
Provides specification information for model number 2BNC700.

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2BN-08C, 2BN-10C, 2BN-12C, 2BN-13C, 2BN-14C, 2BN-17C, 2BN-19C, 2BN-21C, 2BN-22C, 2BN-24C

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