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  • NE30-075
  • NE30-100
  • NE30-150
  • NE30-200
  • NE30-250
  • NE40-075
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  • NE40-150
  • NE40-200
  • NE40-250
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  • NE60-100
  • NE60-150
  • NE60-200
  • NE60-250
  • NE60-300
  • NE80-150
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  • NE80-250
  • NE80-300
  • NE80-400
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A socket wrench that extends the 9.5 mm impact socket.
? Impact wrench and power tools with a design extremely resistant to impacts.
? Electroless plating specification to improve its appearance, quality and rust-proofing.
? Used to extend a socket when operation with a wrench is not easy, in a deep and narrow place or the like.
? Assembly and maintenance of machinery, and maintenance of automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles

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Weight 1 kg

NE30-075, NE30-100, NE30-150, NE30-200, NE30-250, NE40-075, NE40-100, NE40-125, NE40-150, NE40-200, NE40-250, NE40-300, NE60-100, NE60-150, NE60-200, NE60-250, NE60-300, NE80-150, NE80-200, NE80-250, NE80-300, NE80-400

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