IMPACT SHORT SOCKET (6pt / 12.7sq)

1,000.001,500.00 (-50%)

  • 4NV-10SS
  • 4NV-12SS
  • 4NV-13SS
  • 4NV-14SS
  • 4NV-17SS
  • 4NV-19SS
  • 4NV-21SS
  • 4NV-22SS
  • 4NV-24SS
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? This short impact socket is ideal for work in narrow and deep places.
? Electroless plated for improved rust-resistance and appearance quality.
Please put an O-ring and a pin of the correct size securely in place before using the product. O-rings and pins are consumable items. Replace them if they wear out and become degraded.

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Weight 1 kg

4NV-10SS, 4NV-12SS, 4NV-13SS, 4NV-14SS, 4NV-17SS, 4NV-19SS, 4NV-21SS, 4NV-22SS, 4NV-24SS

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