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  • SCP-150
  • SCP-200
  • SCT-175
  • SRP-150
  • SKN-150
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Pliers ideal for cutting, bending, pinching, pulling, and twisting copper wire and other wires, as well as inserting and removing small parts.
? Made of martensitic material that emphasizes strength.
? Stainless steel tool with excellent corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and hygiene.
? Ideal for places using stainless steel bolts and nuts, such as food-related equipment, medical equipment, cleanrooms and precision machines.
? Ideal for places where stainless steel bolts and nuts are used, such as in ships, marine sports equipment, marine development, and plants.
? Ideal for places that use stainless steel bolts and nuts such as waterproofing work, plumbing and cleaning equipment.

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SCP-150, SCP-200, SCT-175, SRP-150, SKN-150

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