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  • M05-0810
  • M05-1012
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Long mechanic glasses wrench set of 6.
-Adopts new metal case and durable satin tray.
? Because the height of the handle is low, tightening and loosening of bolts and nuts is possible while avoiding surrounding obstacles.
? Since the eyeglasses are 12-sided, they can be easily fitted to bolts and nuts and work in narrow places.
? Set of six.
? Because the load is evenly applied to the surrounding area, it is strong and can be securely tightened.
-Ideal for machine assembly / maintenance / automobile / motorcycle / bicycle maintenance.

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M04-0810, M04-1012, M04-1113, M04-1214, M04-1315, M04-1417, M05-0810, M05-1012, M05-1113, M05-1214, M05-1315, M05-1417, M05-1618, M05-1719, M05-1921, M05-2224, M05-2730, M05-3236

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