LONG IMPACT SOCKET (6pt / 19.0sq)

355.006,830.00 (-50%)

  • 6NV-18L
  • 6NV-19L
  • 6NV-21L
  • 6NV-22L
  • 6NV-23L
  • 6NV-24L
  • 6NV-25L
  • 6NV-26L
  • 6NV-27L
  • 6NV-28L
  • 6NV-29L
  • 6NV-30L
  • 6NV-32L
  • 6NV-33L
  • 6NV-34L
  • 6NV-35L
  • 6NV-36L
  • 6NV-38L
  • 6NV-41L
  • 6NV-46L
  • 6NV-50L
  • 6NV-55L
  • 6NV-27L150
  • 6NV-30L150
  • 6NV-32L150
  • 6NV-36L150
  • 6NV-41L150
  • 6NV-46L150
  • 6NV-50L150
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An impact socket for tightening and loosening of hexagon bolts/nuts.
? As it is a long type, it can be used to access hex bolts in deep and narrow places.
? It exerts power in tightening/loosening protruded bolt nuts.
? Impact wrench and power tools with a design extremely resistant to impacts.
? Electroless plating specification to improve its appearance, quality and rust-proofing.
? Ideal for assembly and maintenance of large machines as well as automobile, motorcycle, and bicycle maintenance work.

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Weight 1 kg

6NV-18L, 6NV-19L, 6NV-21L, 6NV-22L, 6NV-23L, 6NV-24L, 6NV-25L, 6NV-26L, 6NV-27L, 6NV-28L, 6NV-29L, 6NV-30L, 6NV-32L, 6NV-33L, 6NV-34L, 6NV-35L, 6NV-36L, 6NV-38L, 6NV-41L, 6NV-46L, 6NV-50L, 6NV-55L, 6NV-27L150, 6NV-30L150, 6NV-32L150, 6NV-36L150, 6NV-41L150, 6NV-46L150, 6NV-50L150

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