NUT HOLD SOCKET (6pt / 9.5sq)

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  • 3SC-08
  • 3SC-10
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  • HSC312
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Nut catch socket with an insertion angle of 9.5 mm.
? With a loosening prevention mechanism for bolts/nuts, etc.
? One-handed work is smooth with loosening prevention of bolts/nuts, etc.
? Iron powder, etc. does not adhere to the socket as it is not a magnetic type.
? Ideal for assembly and maintenance of machinery, and maintenance of automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles.

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Weight 1 kg

3SC-08, 3SC-10, 3SC-11, 3SC-12, 3SC-13, 3SC-14, 3SC-15, 3SC-17, 3SC-19, 3SC-21, 3SC-22, 3SC-24, HSC312

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