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  • S3103S
  • SHS306
  • SHS310
  • SHSB310
  • SRH3H
  • SHH306
  • SHH308
  • SHS406
  • SHS410
  • SHSB410
  • SHH406
  • SHH410
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Stainless steel socket featuring durability and rust resistance.
? Precipitation hardened stainless steel is used to achieve high strength. It is rust resistant and excellent in corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and hygiene.
? Achieves excellent durability and environmental friendliness compared to resin trays.
? Since individual products are fixed in a given position, it is easy to organize and stable storage, without rattling, is ensured
? Handles on both ends make it portable.
? All-stainless steel socket wrench tray that’s excellent for storage and management.
? Food-related equipment, medical equipment, precision machinery, ships, marine development, plumbing work, cleaning equipment, etc.
? Optimal for locations that use stainless steel bolts and nuts.

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S3103S, SHS306, SHS310, SHSB310, SRH3H, SHH306, SHH306, SHH308, SHS406, SHS410, SHSB410, SHH406, SHH410

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