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  • TCA910
  • TCA910SV
  • TCA910BK
  • TCS910
  • TCS910SV
  • TCS910BK
  • TCX911
  • TCX911SV
  • TCX911BK
  • TCA311
  • TCA311SV
  • TCA311BK
  • TCS411
  • TCS411SV
  • TCS411BK
  • TCS911
  • TCA312
  • TCA412
  • TCA370
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A roller cabinet type deluxe tool set.
? 9.5 mm and 12.7 mm drive, socket and handle set.
? Uses a cabinet that is optimal for storing heavy objects.
? Drawers open/close smoothly with ball bearing type double rails.
? It is a large/wide caster made of hard rubber and is capable of stable movement.
? Key type lock built-in for complete security.
? Ideal for assembly and maintenance of industrial machinery, automobiles, etc.
? Ideal for storage and management of tools.

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TCA910, TCA910SV, TCA910BK, TCS910, TCS910SV, TCS910BK, TCX911, TCX911SV, TCX911BK, TCA311, TCA311SV, TCA311BK, TCS411, TCS411SV, TCS411BK, TCS911, TCA312, TCA412, TCA370

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