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About Us

Every brand has its own story while we have got an interesting one to tell. We established Bansal Agencies in 2015 to become a leading supplier of premium professional work tools. 2017 witnessed a massive transformation in business when we collaborated with TONE, the leading Japanese brand in bolting solutions & HAND TOOLS. In 2020, we started Bansal Industrial Solution Pvt. Ltd. Since our inception, the story went on to create a legacy in bolting and hand tool solutions to every industrial field across the world.

In due course of time, we have expanded our business fields from professional work tools to torque control, tightening equipment and new bolting equipment. As of today, TONE products play a critical role in industries like Construction, Automobiles, Bridge construction, Plant engineering, Transportation, and Alternative energy.

TONE’s products are widely used across Asia, North America, Europe, and other countries. We continue to grow at an exponential rate not just in terms of market share but also in technological innovation.

Our Mission & Vision

Our goal is to reach the peak of innovation with the contribution to exemplary bolting solutions. We feel privileged to help our esteemed clients in sorting out their complexities with technology. We aim to eradicate technological complexities that arise in industries by leveraging a wide assortment of tools that meets customer needs. Since the start, our mission is to provide innovative fastening solutions to almost every core industry across the world.

We aim to provide inspiration and value by solving “Tightening” problems. Devoted to offering resources, we offer products that satisfy our customers in terms of quality, price, and delivery. We also aim to develop technological capabilities that include the qualitative measure with participation with multiple industries. We represent a company in which tradition and innovation are melded each and every day to fasten core industries. Our rich heritage and ability to combine developing extreme bolting solutions with human-scale are a direct result of our company initiatives and the international and multicultural context in which we operate.